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isofloorOur MULTIFLOOR range provides a solution to any type of vehicle, from the smallest rigid vehicle to the semi trailer.

All our floors can be coated with a polyester anti-slip barleyseed surface.

This coating can cover the thinnest floors in pine plywood for vehicles that will not be subjected to loading by trolley or forklift or carry roll cages.

For all vehicles that use a trolley or forklift for loading or carry roll cages, we recommend the use of a birch plywood core.

Our ISOFLOOR floors can also be coated with this anti-slip surface or a fabric that will allow the bodybuilder to lay his own surface.

The general rule is that the thickness of our floors increases with the length of the vehicle for floors supported by a sub chassis.

Our self supporting one-piece floors have given complete satisfaction to our customers for over fifteen years.

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