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Method of production

altSituated a few kilometres from Bergues, the factory is well served by the A25 which feeds into the Autoroute of the North and the E40 in Belgium.

POLYFONT own 56000 m² in the Industrial Zone of Hoymille.

The workshop and offices take up 19000 m² of this area.

POLYFONT is equipped with a modern production method designed by engineers from the company.

POLYFONT originally copy wrote the principle of manufacture using a pneumatic press.

The two original presses that date from the creation of the company were replaced by presses of larger dimensions using more up to date technology.

POLYFONT confronted the new millennium by deciding to invest in a continuous manufacturing process, the most advanced to date.

In line with past practice, this new manufacturing line was designed by POLYFONT engineers in conjunction with specialists of this type of project.

This line can achieve a capacity of 1.8 millions m² per year.

With the addition of one large dimensional and traditional press, an impressive annual production capacity of 2 million m² can be achieved.


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