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All our panels are coated with a white standard gelcoat to the exterior face.

This polyester gelcoat can be painted by following a preparation procedure that will avoid the inconvenience of pinholes occurring.

Given a minimum surface of 20 m², POLYFONT can supply panels with the exterior gelcoat in a colour requested by the end user.

This colour can either be from the RAL range or another colour selected by the customer, in which case all you need to do is to supply us with a sample of the colour required.

Our colour laboratory will analyse this colour using a spectro-colormeter which will identify the pigment to be used.

This option is much appreciated by our customers for the economies that it can give them.

POLYFONT has twenty years experience of producing colour panels !



The majority of insulated panels supplied by POLYFONT are manufactured to drawings supplied by their customers.

The inserts that we place in the panels serve a number of purposes :

• Reinforcing :

Floors and roofs are regularly fitted with cross members to give the panel extra rigidity.

• Fixing Tracks:

On the interior of insulated panels it is useful to place a steel or aluminium plate to pick up the rivets used in fixing the tracking.

Another solution is to place a length of plywood to allow screws to be fitted.

• Conduit :

In roofs or side panels there are often a number of electrical cables. PVC conduit can be positioned in these panels according to requirements.

• Assembly and Rebates :

To facilitate assembly, it is normal to place a timber frame in insulated panels. This timber can be rebated to aid mounting and to give an increased solidity to the bodywork.


POLYFONT can now offer the services of their 5 axis Computer Numerical Control (CNC) routing/milling machine to give a high quality and consistent finish (maximum panel size = 14,5 m x 3 m).

This prevents multiple handling for the customer who can then focus fully on mounting.

Of course, the machine provides great precision and quarantees a high quality of machining.

Pre-machining also solves the problem of dust emissions as well as the safety of the operator using portable tools.

This prevents multiple handling for the customer who can then focus fully on mounting.


Recessed rails

This option has been available on 20mm & 24mm Polyfont plywood panels for a number of years.

The rails are  semi-recessed (sitting 3mm proud of the panel surface).

This option provides the bodybuilder with a time saving when mounting the vehicle; the universal POLYFONT rail being already screwed and glued in the recess.

It is possible to supply more than one row of rail per panel, according to the demand of the customer.



Colour panels can be protected during transport against the risk of surface scratches.

This is why, at the end of the production line, the panels are immediately covered with a plastic film which will protect the panels.

This film can also be used as a mask for the panels when extrusions are painted.

For a very reasonable cost this option allows a precious time saving in the workshop.

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